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Food Allergy Question?

I have a bloodhound that gets yeast under his chin and lower down his neck. He doesn't itch anywhere else. As far as we know it's caused by a food allergy. He's presently on prednisone which I hate! I've had him on Nutro L&R, Wellness Fish & Sweet Potatoes, Natures Best Venison, Natures Best Vegetable and now Nutro Ultra. Trying the Ultra I think was a stupid move but I listened to the girl in the store. All it's done is give him dirty itchy ears. I kept him on every food for a couple months but he's on the Ultra now and I don't want to continue with it. He also eats from a ceramic dish.

I'm at a loss what to do next? I've tried narrowing down ingredients but can't figure out what I might be missing. I've thought about putting him on a natural diet but honestly don't know where to start? Any advice would be greatly appreciated and I will cook for him if I have to but because of my own laziness and he's a large dog it would be nice if his food came out of a bag. Any suggestions please!!

I don't know if this means anything but he has had an intestinal infection, I think caused by pistachios he ate(bad mom) and has had what the vet thought was an allergic reaction to a bug bite. Not sure what bug, I'm guessing maybe a bee?
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