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For all who are keeping up & those searching for information on CRF - CRF cats quite often have trouble with stomach acid-nausea (some symptoms incl vomiting, drooling, hanging head over dish but not eating/drinking, repeatedly going to the dish but not eating/drinking) that is part of the reason they don't want to eat, in order to counter-act this issue the food & water (when possible) dishes should be raised above the stomach level. This will improve their eating which I have seen in the past 2 days with Duffy .

Above the stomach level can be 2-3 inches off the ground up to 5-6 inches depending on what works best for the cat. This can be done either by placing the dishes on something like a phone book - providing of course the dish is prevented from slipping off, purchasing a dish holder something like this from the pet supply store or making your own.

I currently have Duffy's dish (stainless steel w/removable rubber ring that fits on the bottom - slip proof similar to this) sitting on an upsidedown Wellness 12oz can 12pk case box - it is between 2-3 inches high & has worked wonderfully for Duffy - for the past week or so she has been leaving food in her dish (sometimes even leaving it overnight) & not eating it but would eat a bit if I held the dish up for her - now with the dish sitting on the turned over case box she's licking her bowl clean & asking for more
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