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Cat Coughing and Gagging when purring

Hi Phoozles

Thank you for your reply to my post. I did find your thread after I had posted my message to Bird.

My cat, Oscar, is 16. He has a hyperthyroid condition. He goes to the vets regularly for a check on his condition and I have taken him with regard to the purring problem. Oscar also has a swelling in his tummy that is undiagnosed and does not appear to be causing him any discomfort or pain. Because of his age and his hyperthyroid the vet has told me that there are massive risks attached to any investigative procedures requiring aneasthetic and even sedation. Oscar gets himself in a real state when he goes to the vets. He would have to be sedated for Xrays etc. and we have agreed that while his quality of life is good, which it is currently, we will just let him get on with it. The vet could not find anything that might be causing him to have this problem when he purrs and he just said as long as it is only when he purrs and he is OK otherwise leave him. Alternatively, if I felt it was causing Oscar too much distress he suggested a throat probe which I really don't want to put him through.

I think this probelem distresses me more than it does Oscar. He just seems to have a cough, have a drink and then he gets on with it. As Bird said in his post it is heartbreaking not to be able to pet him as I would like and trying not to make him purr. Like Bird's cat, Oscar is big on purring.

I have to say that I do not have a lot of faith in my vet. He has no knowledge of complimentary medicine for pets nor has he been able to give advice on supplements. He did give Oscar a cause of antibiotics when his purring problem first started but they had no effect. As soon as I saw your post I ordered some L Lycine. I am going to try him on that. He has no other symptoms, eats well and dsepite his thyroid condition (which is under control) he is a happy, healthy cats.

I really appreciate your advice.

Many thanks

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