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Onions can cause Heinz body formation (denatured hemoglobin within the red blood cell) and anemia. Unfortunately, the only treatment is a blood transfusion or time to allow formation of new red blood cells. Since your little dog is still alive, seems that time will solve this problem.

A liver shunt is a totally different beast. Typical blood results will show low bilirubin, low albumin, high ammonia levels. X-ray films will show a small liver silhouette. Ultrasound may demonstrate abnormal blood flow. Radio-opaque dye is used on some occasions to show abnormal flow, and can be done with MRI, x-ray films and fluoroscopy. Bile acid assays are frequently used to demonstrate liver shunts. Other exotic blood tests are also used, but beyond the scope of this answer. Once a liver is diagnosed, then a surgical repair is the best solution, even though medical treatment may be a viable alternative.

Bottom line answer: if this is onion toxicity, then time will solve your problem over the next 10 to 14 days. If this is a liver shunt, then expect more symptoms and strange episodes as you have described.

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