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Shredy - 1 leaf, or 2 leaves does make them fall pictures...and really cute ones too.

JanM - Bobby and Amber look like they are on a mission - cute shots!

Jiorji - Really nice shots of peanut, quite dramatic.

bendyfoot - very scenic fall shot, I like the way the tree frames Jaida.

CK - Nice snowy Pics of Choco - if ever there was a name that was apropos.

jennlyn - really cute halloween shots and look at skittles's ears in the last shot in post #75. Skittles looks so accomodating! Sweet pix of Rudy and chloe as well.

Momto2 - I guess beacuse it's autumn sun coming through the makes it an autumn shot Cute dooger pic as well

12paws - i like this shot of Lucy just doin her thing...and the scenery rocks for sure! mmmmm soybeans.

Nice shots everyone....more please
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