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I HEART my new vet!

My kitties are on the mend, which makes me so happy

Funny story though - my boyfriend took Alley in to get her final booster (to the new vet, not the old one), and when he walked in, he saw the tech (who had always been friendly) from the OLD vet there. He walked up to say hi, and my boyfriend was like, crap, here we go. The tech said that all the vet clinics are like a family here so they all work at all the clinics.. he asked why we were now going to this other place, and my boyfriend said it was because it was closer (which is true, but... )

The tech asked if there was any other reason, to which my bf added that we didn't really like the fact that we were charged $50 for them to watch him for 2 hours (when they didn't need to - they probably just put him in a cage) and the tech agreed that that wasn't right and that he'd fix it for us - maybe even get us a credit at the new vet..

Speaking of which - the new vet is great .. Cut Alley's nails for free (the other wanted to charge), gave her her booster and only charged us for the shot - saying that her last visit counted as a checkup, so we didn't have to pay for the visit at all!

It's so nice to find someone who is looking for the kitty at heart - my last vet probably would have charged us $200 just for telling us she needed a booster!

That's all - Jake is ing the Wellness, and Alley is nutty as usual. So happy to see my crazy critters back up to their old antics!
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