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My precious pit bulls.

I have owned pit bulls for 14 yrs., I have 2 4 y.o. now (Kaos, a male @ Nairobi, a female) and I cannot stand when people who have never even been near one talk about how vicious they are. Dogs are like children, they know what they are taught. Every child (and some adults) in my neighborhood comes to see them. One of my neighbors had a full grown chihuahua mix & when my male was 3 mos. old he used to play with him all the time and once he was full grown (about 85 lbs.), he still tried to play with him. He didn't realize that with the size difference all the jumping & rolling around would have squashed the poor little thing, but he has never tried to hurt anyone or anything, and my female is the same way. They are both sweet and lovable. People blame the dog but they should place the blame where it belongs with the owner.
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