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Kittens bite and attack anything that moves. They are predators who are practicing stalking, pouncing and attacking. It will get better! It has nothing to do with being taken away from mom too early - it's just instinct.
Agree with N.Kitching - never ever play with your kitten with your hands.

Use toys on strings, like a Kitty Tease, or other toys that keep your hands away from the kitten's teeth and claws.

If the kitten bites you, don't yank your hand away or wave it around - he will think it's an invitation to play. Stop moving your hand and give a sharp "UH UH!!" The instant the kitten lets go, toss him a toy or distract him with string,etc.

If he doesn't let go, gently blow in his face. Do not punish a kitten for these attacks - he won't understand and it will either make him fear you, or make him aggressive.
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