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Originally Posted by Rick C View Post
Polly checks out the sky. Polly only goes outside with constant supervision on account of her handicap:

Polly and Carol

More Polly

Keeper watches the valley under the ornamental crabapple

Below, from a number of years ago, Keeper chases Gretz The Neighbour Cat through the fall leaves and up the tree. Don't worry, they're playing.

Not really in the theme but part of the above story, Gretz socks Keeper in the head. Gretz was run over by his owners car a few years ago. He spent more time at our place than theirs.

Below, first frost fight . . . Keeper and Abby on a fall morning.

I got a million of 'em.

Rick C
Those were some of the most awesome photos I have ever seen, really good. All of these pics are good. I love just browsing through all the photos here.
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