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Now who's quoting selectively? Scroll a little further down on that same page, and you'll see a section titled Serial attacks and rampage attacks, which says

Through January 20, 2002, the log of life-threatening and fatal attacks showed that pit bulls had committed 592 (45%) of the 1,301 total attacks qualifying for inclusion, including 280 (21%) of the attacks on children, 222 (60%) of the attacks on adults, 51 (34%) of the fatal attacks, and 321 (45%) of the maimings and disfigurements.
The section on "Canine homicides" includes a list of fatal dog attacks going back to 2004, in which Pit Bulls feature disproportionately. The entry for October 2007 includes two deaths, one caused by a "pack of 7 dogs" of unnamed breed, and the other reading

On October 3, 2007, Tina Marie Canterbury, 42, of Middleburg, Florida, was mauled to death by the two pit bulls which she had raised from the time they were puppies.
Even allowing for problems with reporting and discerning breed, there is clearly something going on.
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