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There is a way around blocked sites (I work with kids with get round blocked sites at school, remember, lol) There are several sites that will work around that for you. You have to ensure you do not use one that will leave a virus so select a safe one!!! izap is one and this one: We use a variety of programs at the hospital but the kids still get around it,. Best way is for parents and others to monitor their internet use imho. (Cyber Patrol for example bans newspapers because of the word forum so they can be helpful but also annoying). Parents SHOULD be keeping up with their child's internet use anyway - there are lots of unsafe sites and unsafe people online. This is a great site and most of us I think do not visit the sites that are not good but alas, kids can get there even innocently, sigh!!!

Parents would be really really amazed at what children tell their teachers, their doctors....
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