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Everyone is entitled to believe whatever they want.

Your last post talks about dog bites so I assumed you are referring to people.
This post talks about aggression toward other dogs - TOTALLY different story. I think in order to come to logical conclusions about things you need to weigh equal factors. You can't logically compare apples and oranges. Saying you can train border collie not to herd or a terrier not to dig is vastly different than suggesting you can train a pitbull not to be aggressive to humans...because pitbulls were NOT bred to be aggressive toward humans.

Training can only go so far in some cases correct, especially training against what the breed was designed for...but that's not the case here and it's not the general experience of our membership. WHY? Primarily because the vast majority of our members (especially the longtime regulars) ARE those great dog owners that are responsible be responsible pet owners.

I actually think we are on the same page here Dingo. I think we both agree that responsible owners MAKE good dogs. The best solutions rarely have to do with the breeds but rather the dog owners themselves. That's why breed bans will never work IMO.....because irresponsible owners will just go out and get a breed not on the ban list. Pitbulls are just the breed in the spotlight today.

That will be my contribution to this's an old thread.

best of luck in your research Dingo.

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