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An update for those of you following along

Originally Posted by growler View Post
I have noticed some hind end weakness esp when she turns corners. She will still play with & chase the new laser toy & jumps on the bed & also the table to get onto the window sill.
The hind end weakness has not resurfaced since she had several electic machine massages except when alot of chasing the laser toy is goin I'm unsure what was up with that may just have been pronounced muscle pull or hip joint soreness she doesn't appear to be arthritic in any way except for laying down after/during long laser chase session & her careful sit. Neither one really looks as bad as it may sound but you never know w/these cats I may discuss this w/the homeopathic vet later this month - we'll see how that visit goes & I'll update

Originally Posted by growler View Post
She has has 2-3 retching episodes in the last month about one per week but nothing has surfaced so I'm happy she's not bringing anything up therefore no water loss either. Duffy is so not a "hairball thrower" so it is more likely caused by a bit of nausea :sad: likely the drool cause too.
glad to say no more retching & no more drooling (except a tiny bit when she is - that's old age )
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