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Eagle pack holistic is a much higher quality food. To switch over do it slowly at first I usually go with 2 parts old food and 1 part new food I do this for about 4 days or if they have a loose stool a little longer till it is firmer. I then go to 1/2 and 1/2 for about the same amount of time then do the final switch. Every dog is different so gauge it according to their stool, if when you do the second switch and there stool is too runny cut back on the new food a little. Once you start switching you will get a better idea and most dogs will have a softer stool then usual but it will be worth it. Eukanuba has way to many fillers in it so the new food will seem much richer and might give them a bit of the runs. You will also find with a highter quality food you don't need to feed them as much. Good luck
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