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This is downright abuse...

I am terribly sorry to hear about your cat, it's horrible that such things still happen. I had my cat killed one year ago by a bad vet, who didn't know his job, but at least he didn't do it on purpose, like the people who killed your cat!!
It's truly heart wrenching that they kill even cats and dogs who have an owner, it's horrible enough that they kill the stray ones..
But at least Canada has a better situation, in other countries these animals are killed either on the spot, or shot, gazed, some of them buried in a common grave while still breathing... absolutely indescribable practices...
Not to mention people often torture pets to death and nothing happens to them...
Anyway, there's nothing I can say to reduce your suffering, I know how it feels to lose a pet. But the one thing that did help me, after the first shock, was trying to help other animals in danger. I did that "in loving memory" of my cat, and I felt a little better. You could try it too...
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