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Puppy Kindergarten - definitely! As for the jumping, our instructor showed us a little something. Put the dog's leash on, then put him in a "sit". Let the leash hang to the floor, then stand on it so that it gets tight only if the dog tries to get his front paws off the ground (we only use flat collars, not choke or prong collars). Talk to him and try to get him a little riled, to the point where he normally jumps up (Phoebe would jump whenever you spoke to her). As soon as the dog tries to jump up, he'll automatically correct himself. He'll do this a couple of times before he realizes that he can't jump up. When he stops jumping, give him LOTS of praise and a couple of treats. Phoebe tried jumping twice. Then she just sat there politely no matter how much the instructor tried to excite her into jumping! We've now progressed to sitting politely for pets from a stranger.
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