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I owned a rotti for 12 years, she has been by far the best kids dog I have had yet. In BC many places have strict regulations. In Kamloops you must have The "vicious" breeds muzzled, tied and caged (in vehicles) whenever in public places. We stopped going there. My rotti is a kind and loving dog and would not understand this kind of treatment. Instead of banning breeds may be the should ban some breeders who are irresponsible. If the puppys show signs of abnormal aggression they should be distroyed then and not used in a breeding program. Responsible owners make good dogs.
A friend of ours breeds border collies and refuses to sell them to just anyone- you must be willing to put the work and time into the breed (they are VERY high energy). If you can't prove that you will be keeping the dog active he won't sell you one. We need more breeders like him.
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