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Originally Posted by growler View Post
Since her vx she has been eating a little less during the day & @ dinner time, but did eat all her breakfast Friday morning

Duffy also seems a little more lethargic & seems to be a wee bit drooly - I know that can mean several different things (mouth ulcers/teeth/nausea/just plain old age) so I will be keeping an eye on those things, hopefully it is just a mild vaccine reaction.
Okay so I figured out why she was a little lethargic & not wanting to eat......When we came home from that vet visit, I gave her a couple of teaspoons of food but didn't add water to it so now she has decided she likes it better w/out extra water added, therefore wasn't eating much = less energy. Her meals today have had only 1 extra tsp of water, & since she seems to be drinking from the fountain it's okay & I'll just slowly try to add in more water to her food again

As for the "wee bit drooly" - not today so will keep an eye on it

Originally Posted by chico2 View Post
that Duffy will improve,with such a caring loving owner,she just has to
Thanks Chico
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