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Firstly I'd like to say how sorry I am for your loss. I know words can't bring Krinkles back but maybe they can soothe your aching hearts ever so slightly in knowing that others also feel the loss and anger that you feel.

I know if my dog was ever picked up because he'd gotten loose he'd be put down as well. Even though his is both microchiped and tagged he has fear aggression and I know that MAC wouldn't think twice in their decision about him.

Secondly everyone here at MHS is on your side, feeling your pain and giving our sorry's. We're fighting for a change in how MAC is operated in memory of Krinkles and all the other animals that MAC has put down. One week simply isn't enough let alone three days. We've been aware of this operations ways for several years we to have lost several of our animals to the hands of MAC and have been trying to get a change. Sadly it's a slow moving train and the ones who are paying are much loved fur babies like Krinkles.

Again I cannot expressed my sympathy strongly enough in words.
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