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Originally Posted by samijane View Post
This morning I found out that for a fact, last night my 7 month old yorkie could've gotten pregnant by the male that I also own! I'm wondering if there's something I can do about this, because at 7 months old she isn't going to be a good mother and there are too many health risks for her and the puppies. If Brooklyn died or if anything happened to her while giving birth I don't know what I'd do. My puppies are practically my children! I'm wondering if anyone has any advice on what to do?! Please help!
You will admit that at such a young age there are just too many health risks for your dog and any puppies she may be carrying, yet in the same breath you are adamant that she will not be spayed. What exactly do you intend to do to ensure this puppy of yours ( and she is a puppy ) does not give birth if she indeed is pregnant? The ONLY thing you can do is take her to the vet, and terminate this pregnancy if there is one....that is all, no other options. To let it take it's course is putting your puppy in extreme danger IMO, as well as negligent and cruel on your part.

Never mind all the other factors such as pet overpopulation and the real dangers to your dog, have you considered the health risks to your Yorkie if you decide not to spay her? My friend's dog is suffering as we speak of mammary cancer...a heart-breaking and VERY expensive to treat reality that you are facing with unaltered female dogs. She is wishing now that she had spayed her girl, but too little too late for her.

You say that if Brooklyn died you wouldn't know what to do.... This is a REAL possibility if you ignore the facts.
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