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There is no such credible entity as a "tea cup". Any reputable breeder will tell you to ruin as fast as you can if anyone claims they have a tea cup. So, please , whioeer told you that is a back yard breeder~!!!! And please do not akllow your puppy to become used as a back yard breeder either - you will only bring more unwanted puppies into a world where there are thousands too many now- and you will endanger your health.

We atre not being unfriendly r nasty. You asked for our honest answers and this is what we are doing - trying to help you and your dog - trying to perhaps save her life. Many of us have seen young cats and dogs give birth and die or almost die. It is not even the cost so much as the health of your puppy - and she is a puppy. Please - I know you must love her or you would not =keep posting. Thin kof her health and LIFE first and foremost,.

I am a pediatric oncologist work with dying children. I urge not to allow your dog to become a statistic - which given what you are saying, is entirely possible. I am not trying to sacre you - this is the real worked for a small dog.

One of my best friends is a reputable Yorkie breeder - she breeds her once a year and that is IT. And now she plans to get out of breedimng because hse does not want to be adding to the population of dogs. I applaud her choice!!

This dog is a Grand Champion and of breeding quality. Unless a dog has won at least several championships, she has absolutely no business being bred with ANY dog, EVER!!! if there are accidents because someone neglected to spay her (reputable breeders spay their pet quality puppies asap) . And she is finding it a little too expensive- the travel to shows, the work and so forth - and she has a good income as a family physician. Can you afford the thousand s of dollars - and no reputable breeder would dare allow a dog that young to be bred. It is not acceptable bit most importantly and I reiterate, it can KILL your dog - and at least damage her health. PLEASE PLEASE spay her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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