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Although the mother was a bit older than your puppy, she was still too young and underdeveloped to breed.

For an emergency c-section, x-rays, medication, formula & supplements for puppies, x-rays for one pup, feeding tubes, sub-q solution, needles, syringes, hot water bottles, crates, x-pen, toys, numerous vet visits for puppies, worming medication, vaccinations, and yes, spaying of all surviving puppies, approx. 7000$. And most of this care other than the surgeries and x-rays were carried out in the home. It would have been more than triple had they all been left at the vet hospital for treatment. This is not a final tally as they may still need special medical care in the future.

This figure does not include 24 hour around the clock care for the first 6 weeks, feeding every two hours, nor does it include 9 weeks of lost wages, not just for myself, but for others who came to our aid. It also does not include the anguish suffered by the many people, who fought so hard to help, when some of the puppies died due to various complications.

Had there not been an emergency vet hospital open late in the evening and in the wee hours of the morning, the mother and all of the puppies would have died.

Please, take your puppy to see a vet. Do what's right for her. And, for what it's worth, at the very least consider doing your own little part to stop the vicious circle of millions of unwanted pets suffering and being put to death each year. No, you alone are not the answer, but you don't have to be part of the problem.

Please, please review the links Rainbow had posted. These situations are more frequent than you, or I, can ever have imagined :sad:.
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