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To love4himies & lavenderott:
Thank you so much for your advice. It wasn't that I didn't like the answers I got, it was that I was getting them from people who didn't have any experience themselves. I was looking for someone to respond that had a dog who had given birth. Your advice was very helpful. And if anyone noticed- it was the same advice as everyone else gave, just with KNOWLEDGE behind it. Anyways, my 7 month old is actually a little more than 6 pounds. And my male is about 8. I have full size yorkies that came from large parents, because I don't care for the genetic issues and health issues that come with breeding tiny dogs and trying to breed to get the smallest pup possible. Tea cups I am referring to. When I purchased both of my yorkies I told the people I bought them from that I was looking for yorkies that were of a normal size as far as dogs go and hadn't been inbred etc to get a tiny tiny size dog. My fiance's boss at work as went through 4 TEACUP yorkies in the past couple years because of the terrible health problems that dogs that size end up with. Anyways, I'm taking my little girl to the vet next week and we'll go from there I guess. My point was, I'm not spaying her end of story. One other question, luckypenny wrote that you went through expensive emergency surgery due to birthing complications-- I was wondering what your situation was and what the total cost ended up being, if you don't mind me asking. Thanks.
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