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I think the first thing you need to do is look at your dog as a dog, not a human with human emotions. They don't provide conselling for dogs who go thru abortions, nore do they provide conselling to dogs after they give away all the puppies from the litter. They don't function or think like humans even tho we humanize them. I am not saying we don't love our critters or that your concern isn't real, but you need to look at the health of your dog as a dog not a human who's sent to an abortion clinic.

I too think if you talk to a real breeder and those folks who work in a shelter you will realize this world doesn't need more dogs, especially those with health and genetic issues. If you are planning to breed for the money, do some research, a real breeder who puts the animals first, doesn't clear the $700 you charge for each puppy.

Fingers crossed your doggie is ok.
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