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November suggestions - posts merged by marko - hope that's cool

I'm a member on a rat terrier forum and for their fall contest it is your pet in Fall. ie. leaves background, out door photo, indoor, etc.????just and idea....

I think that's a good suggestion momto2...and I know Jiorji (another member) also does, she made that suggestion last month but was outnumbered.

any other suggestions? are people okay with fall pix?

Our leaves are pretty much down here, but I think I might be able to rustle up a few pics.

Now my biggest challenge will be to get into the challenge thread with my dial-up connection once the pictures start floating in...

Also, for those who can, dressing up your pet for November weather???

i'm good with a fall theme......although my flowers are still blooming

Since we encourage cats to stay inside, it may be hard to get some cats outdoors - I know this time of the year, the sphynx girls NEVER venture too far from anything that has heat, lol and the meezers also LOVE heat and yowl when I do take them out, coats and all, lol - so leaves would not work for them but some November theme might help. Poppies, Remembrance Day, T-Day for our US friends.

I could look into dressing them in November related gear though. I did ask very nicely if they;d dress up Halloween but they all matched off with their tails high , looking back at me as if I was nuts. Maybe I am.Cats are definitely smart, lol

The leaves and autumn idea is a good one- I wish our leaves were still the wonderful fall colours they were earlier.

The Boston Globe has a contest to dress your pets up as Bosox fans but I thought, yes, they did watch every game with us (even if they slept thru most of them, lol) and while the Sphynx Girls would love a Bosox sweater - I am not sure YY would be thrilled. Beau is a sweetie- an oxymoronic laid back meezer, lol (Tho YY is teaching him stuff if you know what I mean, lol)

Maybe I can bring some leaves inside and they can play with them....I'll think on it.

btw, do you think I can teach my cats to be ring bearers at our wedding? Anyone ever done that?

I'm afraid fall is long gone around here.... SNOW all over the forecast for the next while

What about "getting ready for winter"? Testing out the scarf and mitts (for holes and other damage), last swims, gathering the multitude of toys from the yard, collecting firewood (Lukka is good at this if I remember correctly), cuddling with humans, trying out snow boots, fattening up for winter (we all do this don't we??, maybe not such a good idea to actually fatten up your pets for the winter but, could be cute pictures), helping out in the yard/putting the garden to rest, the first snow hmmmm, that's about all I can think of for now....

I like getting ready for winter idea sweaters, scarfs, winter hats,mittens, boots....
and everybody has those in the house......

I really like the getting ready for winter idea too! That sounds like more fun, glad I thought of that! LOL (just kidding)

i like the getting ready for winter!!!! i should have some cute ones. not to many leaves left around here they fell off the tress already and got baged as pumpkins for tomorrow...

How about pets "helping" with chores . Riley and Lucy were helping to rake leaves yesterday and love to help preclean the dishes before washing .
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