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And yes I know there's enough puppies in the world already- but there's enough people in the world without homes, food, etc. and the answer isn't just to abort every baby when the mother gets pregnant now is it?
People can make their own decisions .. dogs can NOT. It's up to owners and people who care to look out for animals. You think she wants to have puppies?

It's your irresponsible actions that allowed her to get pregnant and IMO, if you cared about her (and dogs in general) you'd get her spayed and abort the puppies asap.

I volunteer at the humane society in my area and I can tell you, there are cages and cages full of dogs looking for homes. Some days I feel happy because I see a huge number of dogs getting adopted ... but you know something? The next the day the cages are ALL full again with more dogs that need homes.
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