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Its shocking that everyone's answer is just to abort her puppies IF she's even pregnant. I'm not sure, and how long does it take to find out? Also, someone posted why did I leave her unsupervised- I left them both with my mom overnight because I was out of town, I do NOT board my dogs- ever. Everyone is saying "make a loving decision" well, I look at my dogs like people (which sounds crazy I know) and I couldn't imagine making her have an abortion- even though I know she won't understand what's going on anyways, it makes me sick. And yes I know there's enough puppies in the world already- but there's enough people in the world without homes, food, etc. and the answer isn't just to abort every baby when the mother gets pregnant now is it? I got on this website to get some good advice, with some facts behind it- and that's just not happening. Most people are throwing out abortion as the answer and they don't even know what they're talking about. Which makes me wonder if that's just their answer to pregnancy period. I was hoping for insight from someone who's had a pregnant dog before or at least been in a similar situation- or from someone who knows what they're talking about, at least to some degree. Thanks.
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