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Originally Posted by pravalgi View Post
My 6 yr old Tortie Persian was diagnoses with CKD. She was put on Hills K/D wet food and pediolyte right away. Now I keep a bowl of both the wet and dry K/D out for her and she eats up a storm and has gained weight. Her blood work is back to normal. You can only buy the food from your Vet, but I highly recommend it. It worked wonders for my baby!
Glad your cat it doing good but chronic renal failure is an ongoing disease of the kidneys in which damage to the kidneys is irreversiable. Perhaps your cat had Acute kidney failure which is usually caused by poisoning, trauma etc that can be reversed if aggressively treated immediately.

By the way the ingredients in Hills or any other prescription food is mostly chemicals, grain & fillers that our pets do not need in their diets. A grain free holistic food with all natural human grade food is far better for their health. If I had been aware of this before feeding my cat Royal Canin - she wouldn't have been affected by the food recall which lead to the kidney failure she is currently going through.
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