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Re: Cat urinating in dog's basket answered by N. Kitching

I'm sorry, but this is tripe. This is about marking territory, or a medical ailment, not some new age kitty love fantasy.

It is often a behaviour by cats who are upset at a change in their life.

It can also be caused by a bladder infection, so if it continues it's well worth getting the vet to take a look.

Originally posted by petdr
Hi Lesli,

Your cat is showing it's affection for your dog by spraying the dog's bed. "I'm here. You're my best friend." Even if you took the bed away, the cat will continue to spray where ever the dog lies.

Where are their beds? Are they side by side? A cat won't spray it's own bed. You could encourage your dog to lie partially on the cat's bed -- depending on it's size.

One way of doing this is to place a treat on the cat's bed so your dog will either sit or lie down on it. The idea being -- the dog will be in the cat's bed. You could even rub the cat and dog's beds together to get the scent transferred.

There are spays on the market which are quite effective that will discourage your cat from spraying. Spray around the dog's bed -- not on it.

Any of the above is worth a try.

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Our female cat of 2+ has taken to urinating in our dog's basket. The first time I presumed it was an accident but since washing the pillow (part of the basket) she has urinated again, once on the pillow and once on the side of the basket.

She and the dog are great friends and very affectionate to one another. Both pets get an enormous amount of affection from the family. The cat has her own basket which she sleeps in.

She is an indoor cat and has her own litter box, which she does use. The litter is kept clean and we have not changed the brand recently.

Any ideas?
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