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Red face Found: Black & White Female Cat - Hamilton Central Mountain

This cat has been hanging around Upper Gage and Fennell by the home of a family that has been feeding it. She has been there from about the begining of September (give or take a couple of weeks). The family feeding it responded to my lost cat ad and since they do not have internet access, I'm posting the found cat listing on their behalf.

This cat is very friendly and affectionate to the family, but it is kept outdoors at all times and winter could be around the corner.

This cat is female and has all her claws. She is black and white with black ears, eyes and back. She has a white nose, mouth, chest, belly, legs and paws. She is a larger cat, about 12 lbs.

Please contact me if you think this could be your cat and I'll put you in touch with her adopted family.
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