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Broken hearted.

I'm not sure if anyone is still reading these messages, but I thought I'd write a few things.

I took my standard poodle to the vet this morning. They called me 11/2 hours ago to tell me they were taking my precious Koda into surgery.

It seems he has bloat. I logged on to the internet, did a search and found The very first article was on bloat. WOW.

I'm sitting here now reading all this information through, heartache and tears.
I can't beleive there is such a big chance I might not "spoon" with my Koda ever again.

I am so absolutely broken hearted. I am waiting to find out if my babe even made it out of surgery alive.

He is a 2 year old standard, we share the same birthday, and I waited years to get him after my last poodle died of hemagocarcinogoma (something like that) I didn't think I would get over that loss, and now...after only 2 short years of loving this animal, i'm facing the same pain. I'd rather someone cut off my legs. I don't know if I can bear this.....