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Murdered cat reply

Thank you for your replies, this was the story on the news. I beleive this incident will be on cp24's animal house calls this week. It did receive quite a bit of attention from 5 news agencies. I was curious how many people on this site were aware of this story. I am ready to fight for our voiceless animals. Until my cat and dog came into our lives I was unaware how mch happiness these animals could bring. There is an investigation being done by the city, we will see what comes of it. I will call the microchip company, that is a great idea. I hope tis does not happen to any of you. If your pet is gone for even 5 minutes call the shelter right away. To answer the question, if h got lose, he was an outdoor cat who was picked up by a neighbor and taken to the animal control. No attempt was made to reach anyone. His name and both our #'s were on his tag. I started a fight and I intend to finish it.
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