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I disagree with the opinion and statement that a responsible breeder will only breed two dogs that have a good rating from the OFA. I think if one researches other countries hip rating schemes who use a number rating which is better you could understand the reasons why this statement is flawed. In addition a dog to which is considered non-dysplastic recieves the grade of fair-good-excellent and as such breeding a fair to excellent or fair to a good is quite exceptable in the scheme.

On the issue of the cerf clearance it is not nec that a responsible breeder know the history of the granparents or beyound if both parents have been cleared. In addition there is now a DNA test that can be performed to establish carrier status (optigen) and then it only becomes nec to know if both parents are DNA Clear to which then the offspring no longer needs tested as they cannot develope/present.

hope that helps to better educate thiose who are curious.

Also just because you breed two excellents together it is no guarantee that dogs cannot develope hip displasia as HD status is also considered effected by environmental influences as the dog ages..


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