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So i did some searching on a couple other blog sites and got some information. For future refrence for others here's what i did for the Bland Diet.

I figured out how many calories he was taking in from his kibble: 324 calories a cup x 7.5 cups a day = 2,430 calories a day divided by 3 (fed 3 times a day) = 810 calories per meal.

So i gave him 2 cups cooked white rice (640 calories)
2 1/2 eggs (175 calories)
1/3 cup Low Sodium Chicken Broth (5 Calories)
Total calories= 820 Calories (a little over, oh well)

He was a little weirded out at first...where is the kibble?...but then he scarfed it down. I'll let you all know the results after a few days.

Also, after 4-5 days Iím going to add some Pumpkin & boneless skinless broiled chicken breast.

Question: anyone know about adding Pedilite to his meals? My Breeder said she does when her Danes are throwing up or have diarrhea, any thoughts on that?
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