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Bland Diet for my Puppy?

Hello all, I’m pretty new to the group but the stuff I have learned and the advice I have gotten thus far is invaluable! Thank you all. Yesterday I posted on the Health Thread about my Puppy Great Dane and how he has Diarrhea. I got a lot of good advice and suggestions and I’m deciding to go to a raw diet. I have no idea where to start with that…get a meat grinder, or not….what kind of meat….what to add…how much to feed, etc. But I ordered a book and my breeder says this book will help answer all my questions.

Anywho, to my actual question. Many people on here have suggested I feed a Bland Diet to start with to help his body get back on track and rest. I’m all for this!

My problem is I don’t know how much to feed. I have a 70lb. puppy Great Dane, 6 months old. He eats 7 ˝ cups of kibble right now.

How much cooked white rice?
How much chicken broth?
How much scrambled egg?

After a few days of the above ingredients….
How much broiled chicken?
How much pumpkin?

I will do this for a week and then I will start the raw diet! I hope I know how to do the raw diet by then. I also need to find a cheap freezer! I’m going to poor by the end of the week

Thanks so much.
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