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Any luck finding her a forever home?
No interest so far. But then I've only posted here and I think Frenchy has contacted some people she knows. I'll have to get to work. On my last poster for three of the boys, I added 'Sorry, these cats are not free', to stave off calls from people who don't see what money has to do with it (nothing, and everything). So now I don't get ANY calls :sad:.

On another subject, when I was signing Coco in for her spay this morning (she fouled her crate en route to express her displeasure ), I noticed that they are now accepting un-vaccinated cats for spaying and neutering. When I asked why, they told me that too many clients were unwilling to pay, especially people who were fixing strays and then releasing them. There was a waiver, which I didn't have time to read (I will when I go back tomorrow).

On the one hand, it's great that people are doing catch-and-release, on the other it's sad that some of those animals will die from preventable diseases. But there are many other - and more common - ways to die - starvation, for example - so maybe it is a logical compromise. In any case, it would have been interesting to eavesdrop on the discussion which led to THAT decision! No doubt ethics came into it - they are not monsters, far from it - but to what extent .

My poor Coco, she's so thin, her spine is just one long blade; I hope she does OK today.

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