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Shirley, I started reading about your lost Sable last night and was so taken by the story I couldn't walk away and ended up not getting to bed till 1:30am. Your commitment and dedication to Sable is inspirational and encouraging. Bravo to you for not giving up on your friend and companion. I truly hope and believe you will be reunited one day, hopefully sooner than later. I have heard many stories of reunions after extended periods of time from different people over the last 12 days. Gives me hope when I'm feeling overwhelmed. People have been so supportive and encouraging.
Thanks for the business card suggestion, a fantastic idea. Not sure what you mean by Greek Rescue folks or Leon. I will utilize any resources I can to get Jake back home.
New to this site so not sure what the private message thing is.
Don't want to hijack this good news thread from soulman so I'll continue to post under my own thread.
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