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Sugarcatmom no she hasn't mentioned that as yet since Duffy's phos, calcium & even her creatine phosphokinase levels are still in normal range, BUN 14.3 & Cre 211.8 are high USG is 1.038 so not too too bad, she's eating good (even looks like she's put on some weight she didn't really need ), water in every meal, and her T4 thyroid level is at the low end of normal since the radioactive iodine therapy 2 years ago - it actually just within the last 6 months came up into normal range from low

I did send her info on aluminum-based tasteless/odorless phosphate binders she wasn't aware of, so I will print this info off to show to her.

Thanks for the link I will ask her about it & see what she says re the effect it might have on her T4 level, when Duffy goes in for her Rabies Vx @ the end of the month

And no you are not a you are an

Thanks again
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