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L4H - have you tried mixing varieties? mix turkey in with beef or chicken? That helped to get Duffy to eat the last of the NV Beef

Funny thing is when she was a kitten & eating crappy food she would bury it all the time - then come back for more 5 min later . As an adult, when she was on RC she never buried the dish, since switching to Wellness & NV Duffy only once buried the NV Beef surprised the heck outta me she did that (which she won't eat now-no more for you punkin ) & hasn't done any burying since

Chico - no I don't think the HyperT treatment (radioactive iodine) has affected her kidneys though some studies have shown a link between CRF & T4 treatments - not mentioning which kind of treatment though she had the RaId 2 years ago december & all kidney function tests have been perfect since then until April this year

Duffy's test results were all perfect in March
food recall came down (she was on the recalled RC) test results in April -> early kidney failure
The large spike (35.5 points ) in her creatinine levels after 1 month says (to me anyways) it was the food especially since her last geri panel was in Sept 5 months after the recall testing & the creatinine level has only risen 11 points - that to me is a normal rate

11 points in 5 months would be natural progression of the disease but 35.5 points in 1 month is toxin related in my opinion

march creatinine 165 normal I remember her vet said before the results came in "I would be surprised if she didn't show some signs of kidney failure" (because of her age) I was so so happy when I saw the results because she was perfectly healthy @ 16yrs with not even the slightest thing out of normal
april creatining 200.5 high
sept creatining 211.8 high

I emailed Royal Canin/Medical re compensation/help w/future medical bill payments, the vets there spoke to my vet & RC/MC vets are now reviewing all of Duffy's test results to see if they come to the conclusion that it was food related & they will get back to me. RC/MC was not part of the Menu recall & I have found no class action lawsuit against them & I have not heard of any animals getting sick from their food. So we shall see what they decide.

Thanks for the continued good wishes for Duffy =) - right now she is holding steady in terms of how she feels, tests in 6 months, I faxed phos binder info to my vet this morning for her to read (not neccessary now but I like to be prepared for what's to come), we're skipping FVRCP vaccines this year & I still haven't decided about the rabies yet
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