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Not a single drop of water has been drunk from the bowls $50 down the drain ( pun most definately intended) on a water fountain cuz she won't use it

Talked to the vet today re blood tests/vaccines/phosphate binders/food etc etc etc

I'm so glad Dr is open minded she would prefer the prescription but is okay with Wellness & NV I did mention the dm phos level & I am forwarding some info on the food to her.

I asked her opinion on phos binders (not necessary now but always good to know what their stand is on these kinds of things) & the generally accepted level at which to start them. She hadn't heard of the tasteless/odourless ones & asked me to fax the info I have on them who knows perhaps may help someone else's pet too.

Dr wants to do FVRCP every other year while she is still stable (to be stopped when she is not longer holding steady) & continue with the 3 year rabies due this year - though she did leave that decision up to me (Rabies infected Bats are not known in my town but are 2 cities away~less than 1 hour away) I'm thinking I will have to think abit more on this We will of course continue with the 2x yearly geri panel & UAs
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