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I've spent many nights going through the neighborhood and area searching for her between 1 - 5 AM, hoping she'd come out when it's dark and quiet out, but no luck. I've searched back yards, garages and sheds. I'm surprised that I haven't been arrested yet as a nighttime prowler!!! LOL

Freak is an indoor cat and we have 2 other cats and a dog. My oldest cat is 14 and has always been an outdoor cat. I decided to keep the newer 2 cats indoors to make sure that they'd have a long life. What irony! Anyways, we think that Freak got outside unnoticed the evening of Sept. 3rd when either the outdoor cat or dog was let out. Unfortunately, we didn't notice Freak missing until the next morning and my daughter spent all day searching for her. I spend all night looking for her (plus many more nights). We have put up posters everywhere and spoke to many neighbors. We've also been told that there are some wild coyotes in our area and you can imagine the possibilities there.... So, that's the story on how she went missing. I'm just hoping that someone found her and decided to keep her - that she is alright, safe and happy.

Thank you for your encouragement.

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