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On the topic of a BOARD AND TRAIN option in solving particular issues
having much experience with this realm I would
say that a balanced perspective is gained in understanding that a Dog can benefit greatly from such a program.
I have exerienced and can document the fact
that a dog can be "rehabbed" by placing the dog in a environment that is highly conducive to exposing and conditioning the dogs behavior so that the dog learns what is optimally reasonable and exceptable in simply being a calm,socialized,trained,and mannered partner.
It (obviously) then
becomes critical that the owner be given in depth instructions/education on how to maintain the dog in this desired state of mind by using the sound management,socialazation, and training methods that were used in reaching such a goal. So in short a dog can and does benefit from a board and train experience that uses proper process in managing,socializing, and training of the dog that also includes educating the human element keeping in mind that conditioning behavior is a on going and never ending process in maintaining a desired status.

Gracies's mom it all depends on the methods you use to divert or correct yours dogs behavior to not focus on the cat in any undesired way. Exactly "what" method in detail are you using to communicate to your dog that the behavior is undesired/unexceptable ???? The details are very important in helping provide suggestions as I deal (succesfully) with the issue of prey drive with cats regularly.

On the note of Adam... After doing just a little research I find the post referencing him is slanderous and should not only be removed from this forum but should possibly
be considered for legal action when considering the facts. I understand the concern for protecting our dogs from abuse
but this seems to have evolved into a blantant smear campaign that has engulfed innocent and caring people (such as the poster) into repeating inaccuracies that are extremely cruel and damaging to ones character...

just my opinion.

good day

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