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Because your kitten was a stray, she is not used to human touching and is just scared right now, not the kitten's fault at all. She will need lots of love calm, soothing talk and cuddles. This is best done when the kitten is tired and ready for sleep. She is like a baby who needs to be taught in gentle ways. Kittens like to be warm, I find holding the kitten with both hands close to my chest so their bodies are enclosed by my hands and only their heads sticking out, seems to calm them and put them to sleep.

Do not use your hands for play with the kitten, use only kitten safe toys. If she goes after your hands, a firm no and redirect her to her toys. Do not hit the kitten, this will only teach her to fear you.

To gain her trust try putting cat food on your fingers and allow her to walk up to your hands and lick it off. If you can, give her a gentle pat and talk to her soothingly. Be aware, if she is really hungry, she may accidentally bite you trying to eat the food quickly, they are still learning coordination.

Good luck.
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