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Originally Posted by growler View Post
So it looks like so far she hasn't been drinking on her own outside of the water added to her food & the little bit I have been syringing down her throat - let me tell you she is NOT impressed with that
Cats eating only canned often don't need to drink any extra water, especially if you're adding water to the food. I would skip the syringing part (less stress is always a good thing!) and maybe just put another tbsp or 2 in her meals. Even my diabetic doesn't drink out of his water dish anymore (and I was measuring the amounts twice a day for months just to be sure). I was thinking that maybe Duffy was drinking more with the EVO because it possibly has a higher sodium content? or lower moisture content? (haven't compared values so I could be wrong - just a guess).

As for the arthritis issue, I did read somewhere that 90% of cats over the age of 12 have radiographic signs of arthritis. Most commonly in the elbow, followed by the hips. It wouldn't hurt to ask your vet about Cosequin, or even the new Dasuquin. My Aztec started showing signs of a persistent limp in one of his front legs last year and after about 6-8 weeks of Cosequin, he is now limp-free. It's not a pain-killer but more of a joint-rebuilder and is easily mixed with food.
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