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So it looks like so far she hasn't been drinking on her own outside of the water added to her food & the little bit I have been syringing down her throat - let me tell you she is NOT impressed with that

I will have to do a water measurement either sun/mon when I'm off work to accurately compare levels in the 3 dishes.

Chico As for her hind end weakness, I was also thinking arthritis, but since it can be an indirect side effect (through a second additional condition) of CRF I'm not ruling out anything. The weird thing is it just started on the 30Sept which is when I switched her off Evo to lower protein/lower phos & that is when she started to not drink. But when she sits it really looks alot like Callys' arthritis sit - very controlled careful placement of the legs/hips underneath them in a way to ensure they won't fall/lean over - several years ago I bought a hand-held electric massager for Cally to help alleviate his arthritis, so I have started using that on Duffy - good thing she is used to it from Cally - I would massage her too abit then & she likes it. Purrs away during her massage but still lets me know when she's had enough.
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