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L4H Duffy quite likes the Wellness Turkey so your girl might too Try adding extra water slightly warm to make a gravy works great

I bought an automatic water fountain today (super quite can't hear it unless you stick your head right next to the bowl) cuz I haven't noticed her drinking, so far she won't use it , I still have the regular porcelain double dish & a single one of water out for her.

When she was on EVO canned she would drink water after every meal and I was adding 2 tsp of water to her food. Now with trying the NV & Wellness I'm adding 4 tsp water cuz she doesn't seem to be drinking.

In the last 2 years everytime I had to take Duffy in for re testing because of the Hyperthyroidism, the vet techs have told me "she is slightly dehydrated" even when I knew via observation she was drinking water everytime she ate.

I'm going to open the last can I have of Evo tomorrow for her breakfast & see if she drinks water after - maybe if she will only drink water with the Evo I may have to go back to it & get some phos binders, or talk to her vet re sub-q fluids. Hopefully she will take to the fountain

I have noticed some hind end weakness esp when she turns corners. She will still play with & chase the new laser toy & jumps on the bed & also the table to get onto the window sill. This could be dehydration, or high phos - though her count was in the middle of normal range, could be other things as well - will be keeping an eye on it for sure

Only vomited (food) once this week (none prior except for a def hairball) after mixing Evo & NV Beef with a couple of krunchies. hmm maybe the krunchies? not the mixing of food - have done that since & no vomiting. She doesn't seem to be nausious, no retching/coughing, litterbox is good - little pees though - to be expected

The krunchies, which she isn't touching anyways, I took today down to the SPCA. I have also noticed with the Evo (high protein) she was eating 1/2 a can per day & wasn't hungry after her two meals. With the lower protein NV & Wellness she is eating between 3/4 of a can & a full can per day & is going back several times to the dish.
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