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Originally Posted by growler View Post
sugarcatmom a question I forgot to ask:

the as fed as dry matter values are based on per can so for example when Duffy was on EVO she was eating 1/2 can per day (she honestly wasn't hungry enoungh to have any more) am I correct in assuming that the values would be half?
Unfortunately, no, it doesn't quite work that way. The % just means that, no matter what the total weight of the food is, a consistent portion is going to be made up of, lets say protein. So, whether you feed 250g of food or 500g of food, 40% of that is going to be protein, on a dry matter basis. Yes, the 250g meal will have half of the total protein of the 500g meal, but it will still be 40% in both cases. Does that make any sense?

Also, here is an excerpt from the Janet & Binky food charts regarding phosphorus amounts and comparing the different formats:

Q. My cat needs to eat low-phosphorus foods -- how do the numbers on your table relate to the dry weight value of phosphorus?

A. The relationship between "mg phosphorus per 100 calories" and "% phosphorus by dry weight" is not exact, as it depends on the caloric content of the food. However, as a general rule, 1% dry weight is approximately equal to 240 mg per 100 calories, see chart.
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