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Don't go by distributor's based on what's on Nutiva's website Otter. I'd more or less given it up as well ~ I can't remember completely but I don't think they even listed Toronto locations. Then one day I just happened to be wandering around a health food store in Kensington market and la Viola ! And no problemo on the hijack ~ I'm learning too!

Frenchy, I noticed a big decrease in shedding with the coconut oil versus the different fish oils and olive oil we've tried. We've also done the Omega 3-6-9 route as well.

Byrd it may be less expensive elsewhere, I just happened upon it and snapped it up (being the impulse Queen that I am ). I'm going to Kensington later this week where there are 4 health food stores which I intend to check. I'll let you know on the price comparison but also bear in mind I'm going to go through stuff at least 3x faster than you would with wee Willow.
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