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I have so far received an email from Wellness they were wonderful at providing me with complete analysis for several foods, however some were dry foods & many of the canned had fish in them & to my understanding with CRF I am supposed to try to avoid fish as much as possible, or only as a treat once in a while.

I have emailed Wellness again thanking them & asking for specific (stating the product code) variety info - for the Chicken/Turkey/Beef & Chicken, I mentioned the need to avoid fish hopefully I will get another super quick response.

I am still waiting for a response from Nature's Variety

Currently Duffy is on canned only (she does have some Evo & Orijen left for snacking but she's not been eating the dry for a while now) & there is no way to go back to dry - she wouldn't eat it, which is good Wet is Best for CRF

Originally Posted by Love4himies View Post
I'd be very interested to hear the responses to your emails requesting more info on the food analysis as my cat has permanent kidney damage and although her blood work results are normal except for calcium, chances are she will develop CRF in the coming years.

I'll let you know when I get the desired (same detailed info) reponse from the 2nd email
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