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Originally Posted by otter View Post
Any thing to look for or avoid when purchasing coconut oils? Goldens4ever Nutiva sounds good but they don't seem to distribute it much in Canada.
As Rainbow mentioned, Nutiva is the BEST, but if you cannot find that, make sure the label says all 3 of these words:

Organic Extra Virgin

As stated previously, Omega 3 can be toxic if given too much; however, dogs with Seborrhea usually are deficient in the essential fatty acids, which is why Aspen needs a veterinary strength Omega 3, ,6, 9 daily - it's by Vetri Science.

Dogs cannot overdose or reach toxicity with saturated fats, which is what coconut oil is.

If you find out that it is Seborrhea, remember, no one product alone will help, as it is a combination of things: routine shampoos with medicated product, coconut oil, Omega supplement, & healthy diet. But, I can say that I noticed the biggest improvement once we started introducing the Nutiva. Seborrhea cannot be cured, only controlled.

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